Restaurant Profile – bartaco

bartaco, a new local favorite for Jordan and I, recently opened up in the Dr. Phillips area of Orlando, FL. With its beachy vibes, cold margaritas, and unique array of well priced tacos – it was an immediate winner.

During our meal we ended up speaking with the owner who shared that they have a sister location in the Hyde Park area of Tampa, FL. So whether your visiting the coast or the theme parks, be sure to make this one of your stops. They also have locations in several states nationwide – check bartaco to find the closest to you.

The interior of this restaurant has an awesome coastal vibe. With whitewash walls and wicker basket shades, you could almost believe that when looking out the window you would see the ocean.

We started our meal with bartaco's classic margarita. All of bartaco's cocktails are made with fresh juice, and you can definitely tell the difference.

Then we dove straight into food. I highly recommend the chips with salsa and guacamole. The chips come in large breakable chunks that are great for sharing. The salsa and guacamole both have just a touch of heat (enough to satisfy both my spicy-loving and Jordan's wimpy tastebuds).

Next up: Tacos! We sampled 6 or so different tacos. Clocking in at 2.5-3.5 each, you can get some really nice variety for a decent price. Our favorites were the baja fish, pork belly, and shrimp "banh mi".

We also gave the Plantains a try. I don't know exactly what was in the magic white sauce they served them with… but I think I could have probably lived off these forever.

When we felt we could not possibly fit anything else in our stomachs we did the obvious thing, grabbed a nightcap.

We tried the 'red sonja' and the 'smoked marasca' (right). We loved these were both made with not-so-classic cocktail ingredients.

Okay… now we were done. Truly, totally stuffed but in the best possible way.

We highly recommend making this your next casual date night stop – it's even great for a little midweek working lunch.

Till the next marg,


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