Top 3 On The Low and on the Go Restaurants in Orlando-Jordan’s Picks

Hey All,

As you may or may not know, Laura and I are from sunny Orlando, Florida (I’m the only true Native, don’t tell her). I love eating and drinking, probably too much on both accounts. I wanted to take a few to spell out my 3 current favorite inexpensive and quick restaurants in Orlando.

3.Got me howlin’ at the moon for it! Yellow Dog Eats in Gotha…right outside Windermere…ya know the rich kids of Florida. Yellow Dog Eats is probably the first place Laura made in to a go-to spot together. Yellow Dog Eats has a great selection of beers and an even greater selection of dressed up and knock out barbecue. Laura is partial to the Rufus, and make it frisky, which is pulled pork, brie, fried onion strings, cherry pepper, shoestring potatoes and a raspberry melba that you could drink on its own. I am partial to the Hong Kong Fuey, pulled pork, toasted coconuts and peanuts, picked onions, boo choy and peanut sauce. The best part is the building its housed in which is a converted home that the hipsters have had there way with thats over 100 years old.


2.Banh Mi, thats for me!Nha Trang in the Mills 50 area of Orlando puts out super cheap and mind blowingly delicious banh mi. These little beauties run $4 each or 6 for $20. I am a fan of the Original #7 , but for a few try a few and explore.

1.I’d jump through (hula) hoops for those Tacos! Jimmy Hulas in the Maitland area, just north of Downtown Orlando is a food surfers heaven. Inspired by the coast and all things relaxed. Jimmy Hulas creates some unique and mouth watering fish tacos. I always go for two Voodoo and a killer taco, puts me in righteous place brah!



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