First and Next

Hey all,

Laura and I wanted to start this blog as a way for us to document our travels for us to look back on, but also to share with others looking to find where their next adventure should take them. We hope as our adventures grow so will our community, so we can explore together.

We’ve said it before, our first true adventure was one we never expected. We were looking for something to do for our honeymoon, a chance encounter of an error airline fare had us packing our bags for South Africa. South Africa is and probably always will be one of our favorite and most memorable trips we have ever been on, so I won’t waste all of those stories on you now…trust me, you’ll get em.


We have done a big trip every April for the last two years to celebrate our anniversary. This year was supposed to be no different, we had 12 days off in April and spent a whole weekend planning a killer trip to Asia (we literally never left the house that weekend….I never had to put pants on, it was great). Well, the following day I walked in to work and my was told that unfortunately due some changes, I wouldn’t be able to take that time off. That was obviously a big blow and a buzz kill, and we assumed we wouldn’t be doing anything fun for a while. In a stroke of good luck and great timing, we were both able to move our time around and arranged to be off the first two weeks of April. We have done some searching and it looks like we’ll be taking off to Shanghai and Hong Kong. We may not be traveling on our ‘true’ anniversary this year but are looking forward to continuing the tradition (and hey, at least for once we will be home on our anniversary to eat our leftover wedding cake!). We look forward to sharing adventures and memories with you guys if your along for the ride, or flight….or train…we’ll see!

Safe Travels,



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